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"Hi, you wanna know all about me?"

This is the only place where I feel safe and myself

When I create Art I am selfish, It's about me and only me... I don't care about the standard, I don't care about the judgment, I want NO constraints and NO limitations

NO Boundaries... just being fully free... full me

In the vibrant realm of creativity, there exists a visionary artist who weaves magic through the strokes of a pen, the gleam of precious metals, and the indelible ink of tattoos. Meet NSpielArt, a multifaceted creator whose essence is entwined with the realms of drawing, jewelry, and tattoo artistry.


For NSpielArt, art is not merely a skill or a career; it is a sanctuary, a haven where the soul finds solace and tranquility. In the intricate dance of lines and shades, I discover an escape from the mundanities of life and a means to express the depth of my emotions. My creations serve as portals to a world where emotions are laid bare, and the spirit finds resonance in every stroke.


What sets me apart is my steadfast commitment to deviate from the standard. Unshackled by conventions, I revel in experimentation, exploring the uncharted territories of creativity. My strength lies in the freedom to create without constraints, unburdened by the expectations of conformity. In this artistic realm, I have found my voice, a voice that echoes the profound message: "Art is not about Right or Wrong; it's about Freedom."


"The only limit in Art is your mind... be creative and be free," I declare, encapsulating the essence of my artistic philosophy. This mantra reverberates through my studio, a sacred space where inspiration takes form. Surrounded by the tools of my trade, I channel my emotions into each piece, creating a symphony of expression. Music, a constant companion, weaves its own magic, harmonizing with the rhythm of creation. The ambiance is charged with passion, and every creation is infused with a piece of my soul.


Jewelry crafted by NSpielArt is not merely adornment; it's a manifestation of emotion. Each piece tells a story, a narrative of feelings etched in metal and gemstones. My tattoos are not just ink on skin; they are living canvases that breathe life into emotions, capturing moments in time.


In my hands, art becomes a journey of self-discovery and liberation. It is a testament to the power of individuality and the beauty that emerges when one is free to create authentically. As I continue to paint, mold, and ink my way through the boundless realms of creativity, I invite you to join me on a voyage where art is not confined by rules but is celebrated as the ultimate expression of freedom. "The only place where I feel safe and myself," I add, underscoring the profound connection between me and my craft.

My Exibitions

Visages & Silhouettes by NSpielArt

2023 La Petite Galery Delemont - Switzerland

Exposition Visages & Silouhettes

by NSpielArt


Delemont, Switzerland


30 July - 28 October 2023



2023 INCUBATEUR Bulle - Switzerland

Exposition collective


Bulle, Switzerland


22 June - 09 July 2023


Couleurs 6

2022 Swiss Art Space , Lausanne - Switzerland

Exposition internationale d'art contemporain


Lausanne, Switzerland


15-30 April 2022


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

+41 77 402 34 74

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